My name is Cassandra.
I am 23.
Full time student.
Full time mom.

I will be blunt and honest to the extreme. I highly doubt we will agree on everything. I tell dirty jokes, smoke cigarettes and probably drink to much when I do actually go out. I’m always laughing and I do my best to put a positive swing On every situation. Being a good example doesn’t mean being perfect, it means standing out; questioning everything, even if you are the only one doing so. It means admitting mistakes. Saying sorry. Working hard, and being the best you can be to your ability.

I’ve been writing for as long as I can remember, it is my passion. As I continue my education I have began refining my writing skills. I owe pretty much everything I know to my professor in my freshman year of college. My writing style will vary from controversial to informative, to downright silly. I suggest you get used to this idea.

I take 12- 18 credits every semester, but above all, I am a mother.  My 17-month-old daughter, Jo, is the most amazing little person. Her personality is huge, and She lights up my life in ways I could never imagine.


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