Making Money at Home

So I know I haven’t been an active blogger, and honestly up until now, I really have not cared to write much of anything. Today is a new day.

I’m going to do everyone a favor and skip the heartfelt stay at home mom just wanting to make money from home story. Everything I share in this article, I have legitimately earned money from and I am sharing with you for two reasons. The first being that I love sharing what I know. The second reason being, I’ll get paid to post this. Yes, really. From more than one site.

The list of information below is everything I use to make extra money, and if I do it right, and stay dedicated to these sites, I can pull in about an extra 100- 200 bucks a week. No, you aren’t going to get to quit your job or get rich quick, these are all Paid to do sites, meaning, the more you do, the more you get paid. .

sign up with the links below, MOST of these sites will give you bonus points for being a referral, and when you refer your friends, you’ll get a bonus too. Plus, feel free to e-mail me, and I can let you in on what I do an how I get it done.


This website, if you want cash in hand, its’s 2,500 points to cash out $25 USD via paypal they credit faster than every other site I am a member of and as previously stated, I’ve been paid by every site I’m listing.
The fastest way to earn here is to participate in surveys and watch videos, plus there is an app for your phone, iPhone and android as far as I know, and it runs pretty smoothly

Irazoo: Go to and enter in Y8SKY2 in the referral box and you should get bonus points for being referred by me. Plus you only need 3,000 points for $5 USD. This one I can cash out once a day just from playing videos in a side bar and playing a game. I started this morning with 300 points and at with very little effort I’m only a few hundred points away from cashing out. This one does take a little longer to credit to your paypal, but again when you’re getting 5 bucks just for watching videos and playing games, can you really get mad?



This one actually has a promo running right now that you’ll get an extra $5 USD for signing up as a referral, follow my link to reap the benefits. Swagbucks is similar to EarningStation. 2,500 points equals $25 USD and the websites are set up fairly similar.

On this one you get swagcodes daily and you get bonus points for completing daily tasks. It takes a few days for your paypal to be credited, but they have always come through with no issues.
plus if you love amazon as much as I do, you can cash out an amazon gift card at just 450 points. you’ll get it in your e-mail and be able to directly apply it to your amazon account.


This site is probably the second easiest site to use. The only thing I DON’T like is that there is no mobile app. BUT it runs pretty smoothly in my mobile browser, so I can’t stay mad. Especially because it’s so easy to earn. This one is a little different, it’s 5,000 points to cash out $5 USD BUT all of the tasks are higher coins. For this website, I mostly do gift hulk TV, and you get a bonus of 10 points if you disqualify from the peanut lab surveys.
GiftHulk is also really good at making sure your payment is in your paypal within a couple of days and once you reach Gold level, you get “cash back” or a percentage of your points back into your gifthulk account so you never start back at zero.


There is so much information for each site, and other sites I work with that I’m going to be writing an article for each website individually. For today, this is what I want to recommend, pick one of these sites, follow the referral links and start trying it out. The worst thing that can happen is you don’t like them. The best thing, is that you’re going to get paid no matter how long it takes you to earn, free money is free money.


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